Cutting The Cor... er... Netflix??

Oh Netflix. In the grand scheme of things I am but one lowly former-subscriber whose cancellation will ultimately not make a damn bit of difference to your bottom line. I cannot, however, continue to support a company that will actively promote, defend, and excuse transphobia as a “form of artistic expression”.

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Earlier this year I gave a talk about protecting yourself online at a privacy conference to a mostly non-technical audience. I discuss privacy concepts, what makes a good password and how to create one, real password cracking examples, OSINT, finding a location from a photo, and other interesting tidbits that the average non-technical computer user may not know or think about.

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Decisions Decisions...

Time is a funny thing. My 34-year old body never misses an opportunity to remind me that she’s getting older. A simple stretch a few days ago turned into many unpleasant days and sleepless nights from a spasm in my neck and shoulder that’s still bringing a few choice words to my lips as I write this. Most of us go to bed at night and wake up what seems like a few minutes later to the light of day and several hours passing on the clock, but a night filled with intense pain and no sleep will remind you just how long 8 hours actually is.

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Does The Turbo Make The Mazda3 Sport Sporty Again?

A well broke-in couch is both soft and comfortable, having spent many a year being slept and sat on against its will. If a couch had a will of course it probably wouldn’t choose a life of being squished constantly by heavy and dirty animals. But many a couch becomes too soft; too easy to sink into the cushions, where even trying to shift positions becomes a chore. Yes you’re comfortable for a few minutes, but that comfort ends and a battle to find a new comfortable position begins before you repeat again; the endless cycle of comfortable torment.

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Memories of Mazda

When I was a young girl, I didn’t really have much interest in cars. I enjoyed going to shows to look around at the old cars, but that was pretty much it. I didn’t know much about cars, and I still don’t really, and only reluctantly got my license when I was 16. We had a blue 1990 Oldsmobile Delta Eighty-Eight that I enjoyed driving with my friends, but I would never even think of just driving for the sake of driving.

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Test Driving the Veloster N... Holy Wow!

As car enthusiasts, we need to accept that the type of cars that we fell in love with are being replaced by electric vehicles and SUVs and pickup trucks, at least here in North America anyway. Don’t get me wrong, all those vehicles have their place, but few of them will give me butterflies in my stomach before, during, or after the drive.

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