This site contains components from the following third-party sites:

    • Used to serve javascript for:
      • Fancybox
      • Font-awesome
      • highlight.js
      • jquery
    • Power icon for “About” page
    • Used to provide comment functionality to posts
    • While I’m not happy to have to use Disqus for the commenting system, that was basically the only option for a static site when I started this blog. Things have changed since then so one of the things I intend to do is convert to something like Staticman. That will allow me to keep all the comments local instead of relying on a third-party service that inserts their own tracking links, etc.

If any third-party site is not listed above it is an error/oversight on my part.

Since I would like to make some money from this site in order to keep it online, the following items may also be used on this site:

  • Amazon affiliate links
    • As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
  • Tracker on pages used to determine metrics for this blog
    • This is not a third-party tracker. The tracking link connects to a tracking server that I run for my own sites.
      • DoNotTrack settings in browsers are respected
      • Ad-blockers (such as Ublock Origin) will likely block the tracking as well
    • I intend on tracking the bare minimum required to make metrics worthwhile. This includes but is not necessarily limited to:
      • IP Address (first two octets only: x.x.0.0)
      • Country
      • Browser Version
      • Platform (ie: desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.)
      • Time
      • Entry Page
      • Exit page
      • Page visited
      • Referrer (i.e. Google, DuckDuckGo, etc.)

I want to make it clear though, there will never be advertising on this site. At most, a local, static sponsorship banner will be displayed (if my blog ever becomes big enough to sponsor). I don’t like advertising/invasive web tracking so I would never force that on my readers.