ID 853
Description Season 2
Season Number 2
Genre Sci-Fi; Time Travel; Robots; AI
Media Type DVD
Region Region 1
Codec H.265
Year 2009
Size (GB) 12
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Box Set
Case Type Standard
Production Year
Nationality United States
IMDb Rating 7 stars
IMDb Link https://www.imd...itle/tt0851851/
Original Title
Actor/Actress Role
Lena Headey Sarah Connor 31 episodes, 2008-2009
Thomas Dekker John Connor 31 episodes, 2008-2009
Summer Glau Cameron Phillips / ... 31 episodes, 2008-2009
Richard T. Jones James Ellison 31 episodes, 2008-2009
Brian Austin Green Derek Reese 23 episodes, 2008-2009
Garret Dillahunt Cromartie / ... 18 episodes, 2008-2009
Shirley Manson Catherine Weaver 17 episodes, 2008-2009
Leven Rambin Riley Dawson 11 episodes, 2008-2009
Stephany Jacobsen Jesse Flores 10 episodes, 2008-2009
Dean Winters Charley Dixon 9 episodes, 2008-2009
Total Seasons 2
Seasons Owned 2
Series Complete ✓
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Plot Summary

This series is set after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). After the sacrifices of Dr. Miles Dyson and T-800 Model 101 Terminator, the Connors find themselves once again being stalked by Skynet's agents from the future. Realizing their nightmare isn't over, they decide to stop running and focus on preventing the birth of Skynet. With the aid of Cameron Phillips, a beautiful girl who has a mysterious past also linked to the future; Derek Reese, a Tech-Com soldier from the future whose past is linked with the Connors; Riley, a beautiful schoolfriend of John; and FBI Agent James Ellison, who was assigned to capture the Connors but joins them after his own encounter with one of the machines. They begin a quest to stop the United States military and a shadowy conspiracy from the future from creating the program that will stop at nothing to bring humanity to an end.

Other People
Producer Jill Danton; Ashley Miller; Hilton Smith; Zack Stentz; Jessie Ward Dugan; Aaron Miller; Drew Matich; Charlie Goldstein
Studio Bartleby Company; C-2 Pictures; Warner Bros. Television; Sarah Connor Pictures; Syfy; The Halcyon Company
Language Tracks English
Subtitle Languages
Audio Tracks Stereo
Running Time 60
Aspect Ratio 1.78 : 1
Color Mode Color