Production Year 1988
Genre Fantasy; Animation; Comedy; Crime; Family
Media Type Blu-Ray
Region Region A
Nationality USA
Format NTSC
Size (GB) 7.4
Box Set
Codec H.265
TMDb Link
Original Title Who Framed Roger Rabbit
IMDb Rating
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Actor/Actress Role
Bob Hoskins Eddie Valiant
Christopher Lloyd Judge Doom
Joanna Cassidy Dolores
Charles Fleischer Roger Rabbit/Benny The Cab/Greasy/Psycho (voice)
Kathleen Turner Jessica Rabbit (voice) (uncredited)
Stubby Kaye Marvin Acme
Alan Tilvern R.K. Maroon
Richard LeParmentier Lt. Santino
Lou Hirsch Baby Herman (voice)
Betsy Brantley Jessica's Performance Model
Mel Blanc Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Tweety Bird (voice)
Mae Questel Betty Boop (voice)
Frank Sinatra Singer
Richard Williams Droopy (voice)
Wayne Allwine Mickey Mouse (voice)
Frank Welker Dumbo (voice)
Mickie McGowan Mooing Cow/Flying Witch (voice)
Jack Angel Additional Voices (voice)
Nancy Cartwright Dipped Shoe (voice)
June Foray Wheezy/Lena Hyena (voice)
Joel Silver Raoul
Amy Irving Jessica Rabbit (singing voice)
Paul Springer Augie
Richard Ridings Angelo
Edwin Craig Arthritic Cowboy
Lindsay Holiday Soldier
Mike Edmonds Stretch
Morgan Deare Editor / Gorilla (voice)
Danny Capri Kid #1
Christopher Hollosy Kid #2
Jean-Paul Sipla Kid #3
Laura Frances Blonde Starlet
Joel Cutrara Forensic #1
Billy J. Mitchell Forensic #2
Eric B. Sindon Mailman
Ed Herlihy Newscaster
James O'Connell Conductor
Eugene Gutierrez Teddy Valiant
April Winchell Mrs. Herman (voice)
Tony Anselmo Donald Duck (voice)
Mary T. Radford Hippo (voice)
Joe Alaskey Yosemite Sam / Foghorn Leghorn (voice)
David L. Lander Smart Ass (voice)
Fred Newman Stupid (voice)
June Foray Wheezy / Lena Hyena (voice)
Russi Taylor Birds / Minnie Mouse (voice)
Les Perkins Mr. Toad (voice)
Richard Williams Droopy Dog
Pat Buttram Bullet #1
Jim Cummings Bullet #2
Jim Gallant Bullet #3
Tony Pope Goofy / Big Bad Wolf (voice)
Peter Westy Pinocchio (voice)
Cherry Davis Woody Woodpecker
Other People
Director Robert Zemeckis
Producer Steve Starkey; Frank Marshall; Robert Watts; Don Hahn
Writer Jeffrey Price; Peter S. Seaman
Composer Alan Silvestri
Studio Amblin Entertainment; Silver Screen Partners III; Touchstone Pictures
Language Tracks
Subtitle Languages
Audio Tracks
Running Time 104
Aspect Ratio
Color Mode Color
Film Cut Theatrical
Has Extras
Case Type Standard
Plot Summary

'Toon star Roger is worried that his wife Jessica is playing pattycake with someone else, so the studio hires detective Eddie Valiant to snoop on her. But the stakes are quickly raised when Marvin Acme is found dead and Roger is the prime suspect.

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Alternative Titles
  • Uma Cilada Para Roger Rabbit
  • 谁陷害了兔子罗杰
  • Falešná hra s králíkem Rogerem
  • Quién engañó a Roger Rabbit
  • Qui veut la peau de Roger Rabbit?
  • 梦城兔福星
  • 누가 로저 래빗을 모함했나
  • Quien engaño a Roger Rabbit
  • Uma Cilada Para Roger Rabbit
  • Vem satte dit Roger Rabbit?
  • Quién Engañó a Roger Rabbit
  • 威探闯通关