Production Year 2001
Genre Adventure; Animation; Comedy; Family; Fantasy
Media Type DVD
Region Region 1
Nationality USA
Size (GB) 1.4
Box Set
Codec H.265
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Actor/Actress Role
Myers, Mike Shrek (voice)
Murphy, Eddie Donkey (voice)
Diaz, Cameron Princess Fiona (voice)
Lithgow, John Lord Farquaad (voice)
Cassel, Vincent Monsieur Hood (voice)
Dennis, Peter Ogre Hunter (voice)
Pearse, Clive Ogre Hunter (voice)
Cummings, Jim Captain of Guards (voice)
Block, Bobby Baby Bear (voice)
Miller, Chris Geppetto / Magic Mirror (voice)
Cameron, Cody Pinocchio / Three Pigs (voice)
Freeman, Kathleen Old Woman (voice)
Vernon, Conrad Gingerbread Man (voice)
Knights, Christopher Blind Mouse / Thelonious (voice)
Smith, Simon J. Blind Mouse (voice)
Barnbrook, Jacquie Wrestling Fan (voice)
Aretos, Guillaume Merry Man (voice)
Bisom, John Merry Man (voice)
Gonder, Matthew Merry Man (voice)
Remsberg, Calvin Merry Man (voice)
Vignon, Jean-Paul Merry Man (voice)
Bettin, Val Bishop (voice)
Adamson, Andrew Duloc Mascot (voice) (uncredited)
Cornell, Patty Clockwork Chorus (uncredited)
Dennis, Charles Villager (uncredited)
Erbil, Mehmet Ali Esek (voice) (uncredited)
Fitzer, Susan Clockwork Chorus (uncredited)
Gabrielli, Elisa Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Hecker, Gary A. Dragon Vocals (uncredited)
Welker, Frank Dragon / Animals' Vocal Effects (voice) (uncredited)
Other People
Director Adamson, Andrew; Jenson, Vicky
Producer Katzenberg, Jeffrey; Warner, Aron; Williams, John H.
Composer Gregson-Williams, Harry; Powell, John
Studio DreamWorks Animation; Pacific Data Images; DreamWorks Pictures
Language Tracks
Subtitle Languages
Audio Tracks
Running Time 90
Aspect Ratio
Color Mode Color
Film Cut Theatrical
Case Type Standard
Plot Summary

It ain't easy bein' green -- especially if you're a likable (albeit smelly) ogre named Shrek. On a mission to retrieve a gorgeous princess from the clutches of a fire-breathing dragon, Shrek teams up with an unlikely compatriot -- a wisecracking donkey.

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