Production Year 2002
Genre Action; Fantasy; Adventure
Media Type DVD
Region Region 1
Nationality USA; Germany; Belgium
Size (GB) 1.2
Box Set ✓
Codec H.265
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Original Title
Actor/Actress Role
Johnson, Dwayne Mathayus
Hu, Kelly Cassandra
Duncan, Michael Clarke Balthazar
Brand, Steven Memnon
Hill, Bernard Philos
Heslov, Grant Arpid
Facinelli, Peter Takmet
Moeller, Ralf Thorak
Richmond, Branscombe Jesup
Rees, Roger King Pheron
Howard, Sherri Queen Isis
Roberts, Conrad Chieftain
Ruskin, Joseph Tribal Leader
Cueto, Esteban Third Akkadian
Stewart, Nils Allen Torturer
Schwartz, Scott L. Torturer
Jimenez, Pennelope Harem Girl
Rabb, Talani Harem Girl
Afable, Sean Michael Boy at Well
Leong, Al Asian Training Master
Hunter, Amy Warrior Woman
Lupo, Diana R. Warrior Woman
Burton, Heather Warrior Woman
Flux, Nikki Warrior Woman
Altice, Summer Warrior Woman
Quartaroli, Peter Vision Archer
Other People
Director Russell, Chuck
Producer Sommers, Stephen; Daniel, Sean; Jacks, James; Misher, Kevin
Writer Sommers, Stephen; Osborne, William; Hayter, David
Composer Debney, John
Studio Universal Pictures; Alphaville Films; Kalima Productions GmbH & Co. KG; World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Language Tracks
Subtitle Languages
Audio Tracks
Running Time 92
Aspect Ratio
Color Mode Color
Film Cut Theatrical
Case Type Standard
Plot Summary

In ancient Egypt, peasant Mathayus is hired to exact revenge on the powerful Memnon and the sorceress Cassandra, who are ready to overtake Balthazar's village. Amid betrayals, thieves, abductions and more, Mathayus strives to bring justice to his complicated world.

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