Production Year 2014
Genre Action; Thriller
Media Type Blu-Ray
Region Region A
Nationality China; USA
Size (GB) 5.2
Box Set
Codec H.265
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Original Title
Actor/Actress Role
Reeves, Keanu John Wick
Nyqvist, Michael Viggo Tarasov
Allen, Alfie Iosef Tarasov
Dafoe, Willem Marcus
McShane, Ian Winston
Reddick, Lance Hotel Manager / Charon
Winters, Dean Avi
Palicki, Adrianne Ms. Perkins
Barnea, Omer Gregori
Moore, Toby Leonard Victor
Bernhardt, Daniel Kirill
Moynahan, Bridget Helen
Leguizamo, John Aurelio
Regan, Bridget Addy
Jardine, Keith Kuzma
Fletcher, Tait Nicholai
Tauginas, Kazy Ivan (as Kazimieras Tauginas)
Frekey, Alexander Alexander
Sadoski, Thomas Jimmy
Kim, Randall Duk Continental Doctor
Kelly, David Patrick Charlie
Peters, Clarke Harry
Nash, Kevin Francis
Wright, Gameela Delivery Woman
Koulikov, Vladislav Pavel
Bonnell, Munro M. Priest
Squire, Patricia Elderly Woman (as Pat Squire)
Troitsky, Vladimir Team Leader
Bayiokos, Tommy Russian Sniper (uncredited)
Blair, Carolyn Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
Crawford, Samantha Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
Kay, Nadia Hot Girl (uncredited)
Kiriya, Natalia Red Circle Model (uncredited)
Tixier, Scott Violinist (uncredited)
Other People
Director Stahelski, Chad
Producer McTeigue, James; Leitch, David; Longoria, Eva; Iwanyk, Basil; Witherill, Mike
Writer Kolstad, Derek
Composer Bates, Tyler
Studio Summit Entertainment; 87Eleven; DefyNite Films; MJW Films; Warner Bros. Pictures
Language Tracks
Subtitle Languages
Audio Tracks
Running Time 101
Aspect Ratio
Color Mode Color
Film Cut Theatrical
Case Type Standard
Plot Summary

Ex-hitman John Wick comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.

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